“I started sessions with Gabriela at a point when I was totally overwhelmed, going through some tough changes that left me little time to rest, eat well, even breathe. She patiently helped me shift gears and refocus on what was going on inside and gave me practical ways to eat and think healthier. Her willingness to work with my spiritual, emotional and physical concerns all at once was very supportive and healing. And even when I had grumpy days she kept being positive! Since working with Gabriela, I find myself being more attentive to my body and mind as a whole, giving my body the rest and healing it needs. Thank you Gabriela. <3” – Haley Peterson, San Luis Obisbo, USA


“Working with Gabriela was a life-changing experience. Having one-on-one coaching was so beneficial and inspiring in many ways. She was friendly, sincere, and I felt as ease sharing my struggles and fears. Having a personal coach encourage your emotional health while helping you keep an eye on the career goals you dream of was exactly the fuel I needed during Spring 2017! I am greatly inspired & will be working with Gabriela in the future. Very pleased with not only the end result of her coaching but also the journey. – Abigail Schwaig, Houston, USA


“Gabriela started the Renaissance Life Group by gathering together a lovely group of ladies to focus on health and wellness. It has been a blessing to me! We have had great times of fellowship in addition to delicious and healthy food. I have benefited a lot from the gatherings with Gabriela. I feel they have softened up my perspective in the areas of self care and having healthy boundaries. I think that I’ve also become less harsh toward myself. Gabriela is a kind and sweet leader, as she encourages ladies towards health both physically, emotionally and spiritually. Richest blessings!” -Sarah Mehta, Oslo, Norway


Renaissance Life – Refuge and healing.

In my short but intensive time in Oslo this year, I was afforded the most special opportunity to attend two of Renaissance Life events.

The first being arts and smoothie and the second a delightful picnic and talk on primary foods. As my lifewhirrled by at a fast rate of nots, these events truly put a break on things to reasses my thinking and approach towards food, health and rest.

I have gained an immense amount of encouragement from sessions with Gabriela. Somehow she has a unique way of speaking to the heart of the matter at hand and providing insight that is both healing and empowering at the same time.

A heartfelt thank you to Renaissance Life for providing and maintaining a space to express my fears and challenges without judgement. The spirit of generosity and sincere fellowship flows abundantly over my experience at each event, from Gabriela but also from the women that she brings together.

“Come all who we burdened and heavy laden, and I will give you rest.”

Warm Regards,

Christie Hollander, Cape Town, South Africa


“Gabriela is fantastic at helping you learn about real food and how to eat to be the healthiest you can be. I thought I made pretty good food choices but she opened my eyes to a whole new level. I was really able to figure out what food made me feel good and what did not. She is very supportive, encouraging and committed to educating and enlightening people. She also helped me make better choices when buying face and body products. I loved meeting with her and will use the information I learned for the rest of my life!”

-Sallie Kindrick, Houston, USA


“Hi Gabriela,

Just wanted to say thanks for all your help and advice about embracing a healthier lifestyle. My daughter and I were suffering from several skin issues, and our family just wasn’t feeling well most of the time. We were constantly busy, running from school, to soccer practice, then on to church events. We often snacked on candy bars and frequently ate fast food.

After meeting with you the first time, we were a bit skeptical about making some of the changes. We always knew we wanted to eat a healthier diet, exercise, and take better care of ourselves, but we needed a nudge. Gabriela, you provided that gentle nudge. You never made us feel guilty when we lost focus, you just smiled and said, “It’s okay, you’re doing great!”

Bottom line,the changes you suggested were extremely beneficial but not difficult to implement. Gradually over time and with your support and encouragement, we started noticing a difference. Our energy levels increased, and we all started feeling so much better. My skin and hair looked shiny and healthy again, my husband lost 15 lbs., and my daughter lost 7 lbs.

You have a wonderful program and our family is grateful for your help. Living a healthier lifestyle is always something you’re going to do some day…I’m glad you helped us do it today!”

-Gigi Spence & family, Houston, USA


“Diane and I are very glad that you came into our lives to help us get on the right track to eating healthy…Looking back these eight months we realize that your direction, support and encouragement was needed more than we realized and is much appreciated. In addition we both lost a lot of weight, Diane almost 40 lbs. and I lost just short of 100 lbs.  We both look forward to your continued encouragement…”

-Tom and Diane Masters, Houston, USA


“Thanks to Gabriela’s health-conscious meal planning and endearing encouragement I am now enjoying the best health I’ve known as an adult.  For the first time ever I’m actually called “petite”!  My weight-loss of 30 pounds was a surprising by-product as she helped me focus on improving overall health through better food choices.”

-C.L.K., Houston, USA


“I admit at first I was a bit skeptical.  Who wants to eat healthy?  I didn’t realize how satisfying “real” food would taste and how closely related my diet was with my health.  I had struggled with high blood pressure for years and was on medication that I expected to stay on for life.  I was also addicted to junk foods high in sugar and processed ingredients.

Since having started the Renaissance Life Program, my blood pressure has returned to normal and I no longer take medication or have to deal with its side effects.  I also dropped 20 lbs. without even trying!  My joints don’t bother me anymore, I have more energy, and I feel 20 years younger – no kidding!

Thank you, Gabriela, for giving me a plan to reach my health goals and providing support to keep me on the right track.”

-Robert T., Houston, USA


“I use to struggle with chronic stomach pain.  Gabriela showed me how to make healthier food choices which allowed my stomach to heal and helped me to recover faster after my surgery.  Not only has Gabriela increased my awareness of what is healthy and what is not, she has jump-started me into leading a more productive and happy life.  I am now completely pain free and excited to see what things I can accomplish in the future through following a more balanced lifestyle!”

-A. S., Houston, USA