How to Be Kind to Yourself for Optimum Healing

Welcome to the first installment of Transformation Tuesdays, a weekly email where I send out some inspiring health talk. This is something new that I’m starting and I’m very excited to get a chance to “visit” with you once a week. Note: The following post is several weeks old. To receive the Transformation Tuesday weekly newsletter and get real-time transformation, sign up here. Right, onwards with our dose of transformation, please!***

Most of us women are constantly measuring ourselves. We ask…

“Am I doing everything I should be doing?, Am I reaching my full potential?, Am I skinny enough? Am I too skinny? Am I eating healthy enough?”

And perhaps the most poignant, “am I where I am supposed to be?”

The answer dear friends, is yes.

You are right where you are supposed to be because it is right where you are, and you are not a mistake.

Maybe you see some rough edges, some scars, unfulfilled dreams, unmet longings. BUT.

You are on a journey and you are becoming more and more YOU.


Accept yourself.

Accept your strengths and abilities.

Also accept your weaknesses. Accept your faults. Embrace every part of yourself. Know that you are wholly loved without anymore “self improvement”.

Which way on the pendulum do you tend to swing? Do you have a hard time accepting your weaknesses? Or perhaps you find it difficult to acknowledge the things that you do well. Whichever way you tend to waver, don’t forget to care for yourself, just as you are.

Healing occurs when we take time to listen and tend to hurting places. This is self-care.

Health cannot thrive in our bodies when were are unaccepting of our condition. We will then be kinder to others when we make it a regular practice to treat ourselves with kindness.

What would feel kind to you? Ask yourself. Then follow through with it.

And if you need some self-care ideas…

  • A hot towel scrub with lavender essential oils improves circulation and helps your skin to glow.
  • A nature walk is grounding and connects you to yourself, nature, and God.
  • Journal your thoughts uncensored for a “stress dump”. Dump it all out on paper instead of holding it in. Stress creates disease in the body.
  • Cook a healthy meal for yourself. Even if you cook for yourself, the extras will make good leftovers.

This week, stop trying to be good enough and just be.

See you next Tuesday.



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