Renaissance Life Support Group

A Holistic Health Support Group for Women

We all desire to be healthier, whether we struggle with a serious illness, food sensitivities, or just having enough energy to get out of bed in the morning! But sometimes it’s not just knowing “what” to do, it’s having a “who” to do it with. Education coupled with community is a transforming combination and that is what the Renaissance Life Support Group strives offer.

This group is specifically designed for women who want more health and vitality and would like some girlfriends to journey along with! I started this group while living overseas in Norway. It became a vibrant community of ladies and when I moved back to Houston I continued hosting and leading this group.

The atmosphere is supportive and uniquely feminine as we learn how to care for our body, soul, and spirit through a natural and holistic approach.

We meet about once a month in a cozy setting to learn and discuss topics relevant to women’s health. I present a topic (such as self-care, healthy boundaries in relationships, sugar blues, etc.) and then there is discussion around our experiences with that topic and encouragement for making small tweaks to create a healthy life that we love.

Healthy and tasty refreshments are served. Materials and handouts are supplied.

*Please bring $5 to help cover the cost of refreshments, materials, and the handouts provided.


Here’s what a couple of the ladies have to say about their experience at the gatherings:


Renaissance Life – Refuge and healing.

In my short but intensive time in Oslo this year, I was afforded the most special opportunity to attend two of Renaissance Life events.

The first being arts and smoothie and the second a delightful picnic and talk on primary foods. As my lifewhirrled by at a fast rate of nots, these events truly put a break on things to reasses my thinking and approach towards food, health and rest.

I have gained an immense amount of encouragement from sessions with Gabriela. Somehow she has a unique way of speaking to the heart of the matter at hand and providing insight that is both healing and empowering at the same time.

A heartfelt thank you to Renaissance Life for providing and maintaining a space to express my fears and challenges without judgement. The spirit of generosity and sincere fellowship flows abundantly over my experience at each event, from Gabriela but also from the women that she brings together.

“Come all who we burdened and heavy laden, and I will give you rest.”

Warm Regards,

Christie Hollander
South Africa


Gabriela started the Renaissance Life Group by gathering together a lovely group of ladies to focus on health and wellness. It has been a blessing to me! We have had great times of fellowship in addition to delicious and healthy food. I have benefited a lot from the gatherings with Gabriela. I feel they have softened up my perspective in the areas of self care and having healthy boundaries. I think that I’ve also become less harsh toward myself. Gabriela is such a kind and sweet leader, as she encourages ladies towards health both physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Richest blessings!

Sarah Mehta


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