Cultivate Self Care

Self care

How do you treat yourself?

The way you answer that question will shed light on many things including your personal insecurities, job satisfaction, and the health of your relationships. These things all affect our wellbeing because it is impossible to live vibrantly and healthfully if we are not treating ourselves well.

Many times we go out of our way to help others while we neglect ourselves. This feels sacrificial and even super spiritual, but it’s not. It’s really teaching ourselves we aren’t worthwhile.

This mindset seeps into all realms of living and can affect who you date, what career you pursue, and the caliber of friends you let into your life. These decisions make up your life.

It’s time to be kind to yourself.

If you struggle with self love (perhaps you are wondering if it’s even “ok”), please email me ( to claim your free Breakthrough session and we’ll chat more about how you’re doing!

“I have benefited a lot from the gatherings with Gabriela. I feel they have softened up my perspective in the areas of self care and having healthy boundaries. I think that I’ve also become less harsh toward myself.” – Sarah Mehta, Oslo



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