Live with Intention

Live with intention

Do you know what you want?

To have a happy life we must know our purpose and walk in it. I work with clients to find their calling by cultivating mindful living and exploring goals that mean something to them. Both go hand in hand in living out an intentional, meaningful life.

We are more than ever, bombarded by choice. We have so many options, we not only experience analysis paralysis when selecting shampoo at the store but in also deciding where to live, whom to marry, what job to take.

It’s time to go after what you want in life.

If you feel lost in the sea of possibilities or you find yourself in the midst of an unsettling time of transition please email me ( to claim your free Breakthrough session and we’ll chat more about how you’re doing!

“Working with Gabriela was a life-changing experience. Having a personal coach encourage your emotional health while helping you keep an eye on the career goals you dream of was exactly the fuel I needed! I am greatly inspired and will be working with Gabriela in the future. Very pleased with not only the end result of her coaching but also the journey.” – Abigail Schwaig

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