Better Relationship with Food

Better Relationship with Food

How do you feel about your food?

As an ex-junk food addict I know all about “eating one’s feelings”. I suffered for years as I struggled to clean up my diet using a very strict approach on eating. If I slipped up I got angry with myself and if I stuck to my diet I felt deprived.

I tried paleo, raw, gluten-free, and many more diets in an effort to find the perfect eating regime that would ultimately “fix me”. What did I find?

That the Perfect Diet is a myth. But there is a way to enjoy eating again without being tormented by cravings or deprived of comfort food. When working with clients I use a special approach to finding their food “sweet spot” and establishing the fact that food serves them, not the other way around!

It’s time to enjoy eating healthy! 

If you struggle with balancing your food habits with your health needs, please email me ( to claim your free Breakthrough session and we’ll chat more about how you’re doing!

“Gabriela is fantastic at helping you learn about real food and how to eat to be the healthiest you can be. I was really able to figure out what food made me feel good and what did not.” – Sallie Kindrick 

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