How to Stay Alive & Thrive While Globe Trotting

This e-book is an 18 page, fun read for health conscious travelers looking for ways to mindfully experience vibrant health while trotting the globe (or just getting out of town for the weekend)!

Download by clicking this link: HealthyTravelsEbook.pdf

Excerpt from E-book

Traveling is supposed to be FUN, right?

A couple years ago my husband had to go to Amsterdam for a work conference. Since his flight and hotel room was already booked and paid for through his company we thought, “hey – let’s use some airline miles and go together!”

So we did.

When we arrived at our hotel the taxi driver unloaded our bags onto the sidewalk and gave us some serious advice before he drove off.

“Watch out for the bikes.”

Oh? What bikes?

Moments after he drove off we were nearly biked down right then and there on the street as millions (it seemed) of cycling commuters buzzed past us ringing their bells angrily.

Oh. Those bikes.

I have never felt more like a dumb tourist than at that moment!

I don’t know why I start this e-book off with that anecdotal piece except to say that our Amsterdam trip served as a trial run for our expat life here in Oslo and other international trips we would take. Looking back now I had no idea how to travel internationally or what to pack or expect or plan or anything.

In fact, that whole trip was pretty terrible for us. I got sick and spent a good portion of the time in our tiny hotel room with only a kettle for any sort of food prep. Once I started to feel better my husband got sick! On the way back I didn’t plan well and got stuck eating the airplane food. That made me get sick with ahem, “the runs”, shall we say, for the next three days!

I came back from that experience wondering why on earth anyone would ever want to leave their cozy home and travel across an ocean to get rained on constantly, sick in a tiny foreign hotel room, and food poisoned on the flight home.

Nightmare right?

Well, since living abroad for over a year now and traveling for a hefty portion of our overseas time, my ideas on traveling had to change!

I have learned there is a way to do things.

In this e-book we’ll cover the aspects of planning, packing, and eating (my favorite!) when you are traveling. I’ve also included some recipes for tasty and healthy snacks. We’ll end with what I believe is the most important and vital piece for enjoying a memorable travel experience (memorable for all the right reasons that is!) – the section on soul food. Soul food is the ingredient for creating the intangibles of a wonderful travel experience.

Here’s what I would tell myself if I had it to do all over again. I sincerely hope this e-book helps you, whether you are a seasoned traveler looking to boost your health arsenal or a tentative newbie (like I was!) with a handful of food allergies and a dream to see the world!


Gabriela Johnson