Shatter Your Personal Ceiling

Do you have a personal ceiling? You know, that invisible barrier that defines the point at which you “shall not pass”? It pops up in random places when you see a friend starting their own business or a TV show documenting someone’s amazing journey across Tibet (or wherever).

Something in you longs to experience that too. You feel the excitement for a fleeting moment as you imagine the possibility of being the person the camera is following, and then WHAM, you deflate and you sink back on the couch as you admonish yourself that those experiences are for other people and, “I could never do that”.

That example was essentially your heart’s desire rising up and hitting its head on your own personal ceiling.

We all have our personal ceilings and although our environments and backgrounds and community can all contribute to the height of your ceiling, it is self-imposed. This means the power lies in you to bump up your roof a few feet if you want.

So what do YOU want to achieve, experience, be, say, write, do?

It doesn’t have to be earth shattering by the way. Is it to start buying produce from a farmer’s market? Is it to exercise regularly, make more time for your hobbies or relationship? Lose weight? Have greater self-confidence? Make healthier choices in your social life? Is it to move overseas one day or finally see the Eiffel Tower light up in person? Trek across the Andes?

You can.

I’m not advocating the tired and overused, “anything is possible if you believe” mantra. I’m simply stating a fact that we seem to forget all too easily, we are not the victims. We are the deciders.

This week, explore what you want out of life and instead of immediately putting yourself down when a dream reveals itself, ask yourself what would happen if you actually did it?

Make a list of “impossible” dreams and write out what would need to happen in order for them to become real.

You already have the power to push that roof higher. The question is, do you want more space?

What I love about my job is that I work with people to not only lose that extra weight and eat more greens, I explore with them what they want out of life and how to cultivate the things that nurture them. Holistic health coaching is mutli-dimensional. Who wants a life eating collard greens if you don’t have any dreams you’re working toward and turning into real life? Sounds terrible. 😉

And if you would like to chat more about your personal ceiling and how to bust through it, I offer a free session and would love to speak with you.

So here’s to your big dreams and small dreams alike, coming to fruition!

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