Gabriela’s Story & Approach

Hi there! I’m Gabriela Johnson. Let me share my health journey with you.

After struggling for years with a weak immune system, adrenal fatigue, Leaky Gut, and all the food allergies that come along with it, I re-built my health through lifestyle changes surrounding the foods I ate. Since experiencing massive healing I have lived a restored and abundant life, one I love to call a renaissance life.

At first, because of I my own radical healing experience, I considered food to be the major and primary way I could increase my health. But after a couple years of steadily feeling better, I noticed I had reached a plateau. I was doing everything right – perfect even – but not experiencing any additional improvement.

This is when I learned the hard way that when diet is emphasized without supporting the other aspects of living a healthy life, it opens the door wide to a very unhealthy relationship to food. Because of what proper nutrition had done for me, I placed an almost extreme importance on finding and eating, the “Perfect Diet”. Eventually I realized that instead of being free from junk food cravings I was now a slave to my idea of health food. This was nuts! While focusing solely on nutrition had taken me quite far, I wanted more than a life of obsessing and stressing over the quality of food, I wanted to thrive!

Healthy food is not enough.

After much frustration and searching for this missing puzzle piece, it all finally clicked.

I knew I needed proper nutrition but on the flip side, I was eating such a strict diet that I wasn’t able to loosen up and have fun in my life. The harshness that I was treating myself with leaked into other aspects of my life. It was a graceless and burdened way to live. Gradually I started to nourish other aspects of my life like my career, relationships, physical activity and spirituality. As I took the focus off what I was eating and onto creating healthier outlets in my life, the food part naturally came into balance. Now, I rarely struggle with cravings or sickness but I also no longer feel helpless when I do feel unwell. I simply do some self care and then my body can thrive as my mind, heart and spirit are nourished.

The imbalances in our life cause our health to become stunted.

This bit of information has revolutionized the way I approach the connection between nutrition and lifestyle and has allowed me to manage my own life to experience greater joy and satisfaction, and as a result greater physical health. More importantly, I apply this concept in my practice to produce transformational results for my clients. Specifically, I love working with women to apply these healing principles to unlock their heart’s true desire, discover their calling, and create a life that nurtures both.

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