Try this approach for a more natural way to treat your asthma or breathing problems without having to pump yourself full of medication. Yes please!

Are you looking for a more natural way to treat your asthma or breathing problems without having to pump yourself full of medication?

My husband and I both have struggled with breathing problems all our lives and have needed inhalers often. Now, you can bet I am grateful for the option of medicine, but I would rather fix the root problem and not need it to begin with.

Getting a deep, fresh, delicious gulp of air you can feel way down in your lungs is one of life’s simple pleasures! It is also cleansing for the respiratory system instead of taking those shallow breaths.

The air quality where we live has a lot to do with our ability to breathe well. This can be discouraging because it’s not an easy task to up and move to a new place that has fresher air if your current place of dwelling has bad air.


We can change our home environment to have better air quality. Without buying a thing or moving to Norway.

(Norway has super clean air.)

And now I give you…

The vacuum!

That’s right. Simply sucking up all the crap on the carpets and floors and in the air of your home will lighten the load on your lungs. You know how you see tiny particles suspended in the air when the sunlight hits at just the right angle? Those particles are dead skin cells, dust, and other lovelies that your hardworking lungs have to filter through.

By vacuuming twice a week (depending on how much traffic your home gets) you can reduce the amount of particles your body has to sift through in order for you to take a breath.

Because our house has all wood floors, I used to only sweep regularly and then vacuum not so much. (Because I hate emptying the vacuum canister. I wonder why?!)

But I realized that I was having a hard time breathing when I was home even though I kept the floors swept. Sweeping is all well and good my friends but we need the sucking power of the vacuum to catch and hold the crap.

I started vacuuming more and sure enough my breathing has deepened naturally and the home environment is less irritating to my nose and lungs. Maybe vacuuming is a no brainer for most folks but this was a brainwave for me!

How about you? Are you a natural deep breather or struggle with shallow breaths?

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