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Shatter Your Personal Ceiling

How to Shatter Your Personal Ceiling

Do you have a personal ceiling? You know, that invisible barrier that defines the point at which you “shall not pass”? It pops up in random places when you see a friend starting their own business or a TV show documenting … Read More

Find out how you respond to expectations and have greater balance in your life.

Which Tendency Are You?

I found some groundbreaking info that I’m excited to share with you today! According to Gretchin Rubin, a New York Times best seller author and a thought provoking writer in the realm of habits and happiness, “before you can change your … Read More

This Breathing Exercise Can Alter Your State of Mind and Bust Anxiety!

This Breathing Exercise Will Alter Your State of Mind & Bust Anxiety!

Today I have something practical for all you travelers. I flew out this past weekend to visit a good friend of mine in west Texas. It was a great couple of days but the flight out there was pretty sickening! … Read More

Break Free from Destructive Patterns with This Powerfully Simple Approach

How To Embrace Curiosity And Break Your Destructive Patterns

Are you in a difficult situation that feels like its on “repeat”? Every time you turn around it’s the same struggle but perhaps in a new outfit, pulling the rug out from under you, punching you in the gut, and … Read More

How to Be Kind to Yourself for Optimum Healing

Self-Care Tips For Experiencing Optimum Healing

Welcome to the first installment of Transformation Tuesdays, a weekly email where I send out some inspiring health talk. This is something new that I’m starting and I’m very excited to get a chance to “visit” with you once a week. Note: The … Read More

Anxiety Around Decision Making?

Anxiety Around Decision Making? Try these 4 proven strategies for calm and confident decisions.

There are more and more and MORE choices in our world than ever before. While such diversity can be a gift, the downside is that this overwhelm of options leads to an anxiety around decision making that previous generations would have been … Read More

Try this approach for a more natural way to treat your asthma or breathing problems without having to pump yourself full of medication. Yes please!

Breathing Problems? Reach for this common household appliance instead of your inhaler.

Are you looking for a more natural way to treat your asthma or breathing problems without having to pump yourself full of medication? My husband and I both have struggled with breathing problems all our lives and have needed inhalers … Read More